What is Amnesia The Movie ? Awareness to Human Trafficking…

WHAT IS AMNESIA?Amnesia is a feature film about surviving and love, against the world of human trafficking and violations of patients’ rights, based on the true stories of people and patients (some who survived, and some who didn’t).

As a strong advocate for human rights, we always wanted to speak out against these atrocities. This film is our effort, wherein we hope to scare, entertain and enlighten. Although these topics may seem so removed from the most of us, it’s frightening how close they can actually be. You never know when a friend or relative may be “Baker Acted” into an institution, or when an innocent child in your neighborhood may be approached by traffickers with promises of love and friendship and gifts, only to find themselves in a lifetime of torture and pain. By helping us get this movie made, you’re helping these people have a voice. You’re helping me tell the world that these are heinous crimes, and that we will not tolerate them… only in the light of truth will these cease to exist. People must be made aware and accountable.

WHY SUPPORT THIS FILM? Because it’s an important message, with a good story and a good surprise ending. Besides, we have an amazing cast and crew — we won’t let you down. You will be part of something special, that will get made. And, you’ll get AWESOME bragging rights!!

WHERE WILL THE MONEY GO? Our target goal, along with other money we already have pledged and used — mostly from the director’s pocket, and from the work of the cast and crew who have already put in some time to give you an idea of what this movie will be about (a teaser, and some character videos which, if you back us up — will be used to complete about half of our production costs for food, locations, wardrobe and props. This is a work of love and we’re stretching every penny. Pretty much, the cast and crew are working on deferred pay to get this film done — this means that once the movie is completed and released, and we make some sort of a profit, we’ll pay the cast and crew.

This last amount is the final stepping stone to wrap up production.

BEATING THE GOAL: our goal is the bare minimum we need to pay for locations, feed the cast and crew and buy props and wardrobe. If we beat the goal, we’ll have more money for post-production, and if we raise enough perhaps to pay the talented people who are working hard to make this happen.

IF WE DON’T HIT THE GOAL, we’ll get no money from Kickstarter. We’ll have to figure something else out. Not making the movie isn’t an option. We will get the film made one way or another, but it will take longer.

YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO SEE: videos from location scouting, interviews with cast and crew, things that may never even make it on the DVD, we will share those videos with you.

PICK YOUR OWN REWARD: is there a specific reward you’d like, but we’re not offering it… reach out to us, and we’ll figure something out!

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