UPDATE: Finished Ingesting and Organizing Footage

So, two interesting tidbits of info here.

First, I recently moved over from Adobe Premiere CS6 over to Lightworks. When Adobe moved to the Cloud, that kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Also, the fact that they don’t support their own CinemaDNG format, which is what the Blackmagic cameras shoot (among others) and I’m gunning to get one of those in the near future (when I can afford it).

So it was that I chanced into Lightworks, which I had tried previously and had been disappointed due to complexity. This time, however, I actually sat and watched their tutorials, and their process seemed so much easier than Premiere – at least to cut a feature. There’s a lot less frills, but, that only makes cutting simpler.

At any rate, I joined their Beta program, and have been helping to test, and loving it. Very supportive community, and a  great professional tool.

I did have to start ingesting the footage all over again… one of the main benefits of Lightworks has been that I wasn’t worried about loading up Premiere with too much footage. I had read how that can cause Premiere to be unstable, so I had decided not to try, and I ingested each shooting day separately, and had notes in there.

There’s no “standard” or easy way of getting that information out of Premiere, and I did have half of that footage cataloged and notated so I was a bit displeased. HOWEVER, I was told I can export a database from Lightworks, add the Premiere information in there, and then re-import the logging database with the new information.

So, that’s my new task… to create a process to read the XML from the Premiere project and then load it into the .odb file of Lightworks, so I dont’ have to re-type everything. When I have that figured out, I’ll post the instruction (and any scripts I use) on my personal blog: www.ValGameiro.com (and here too).

So, the other NEW news, is that I finished ingesting all the footage… which is huge. It did take me quite a lot less time than in Premiere. If nothing else, because Lightworks doesn’ t spend the same amount of time analyzing each file, so once the footage is ingested, it’s ready to be used, and the program isn’t burdened with the analysis like in Premiere.

Also, due to its architecture, when you open a project, it doesn’t try to load all the footage, slowing down your startup. All pluses. You definitely still want to use After Effects and maybe Adobe Audition or other such related tools to roll up your FX shots and special effects, but otherwise I’m convinced I’ll be using Lightworks for all my future projects 🙂 And the above are just some of the reasons why I prefer Lightworks to Adobe Premiere.

Next on my pipeline, will be Davinci Resolve Lite (until I can get the Blackmagic Cinema Camera (now just $1995) and get the full version with it) for color correction, grading and finishing.

What does all this mean for Amnesia?

Well, next step is to load all those script notes, so me or someone else can know what the heck we were thinking on set.

Then, cut the trailer.

Then, cut the rest of the film.

Slowly, but surely. We’ll get there 🙂

Thanks for your patience, and understanding, and support.

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas


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