Snapshot of Friday's shoot

Bobby Sargent prepping Lena Damvar For stunt

Bobby Sargent prepping Lena Damvar For stunt

Here’s a little snapshot taken by Scott Clark, Chloe Clark‘s dad and Associate Producer for the film (for all the incredible amount of help he’s been to the production). You can see Bobby Sargent, our stunt coordinator and 2nd unit director (and my mentor) preparing Lena Damvar for her very first stunt, and an amazing shot, of which you’ll get a glimpse in the new teaser (Again, if you’re a backer, you’ll get to see a little more than everyone else).

We also had a set photographer, Margaret Licarione, and she’ll be posting some set photos, which you’ll get to see if you’re a backer… hint, hint, hint :o)

We had an amazing shoot on Friday with the biggest set ensemble I’ve ever had (27 people) and we had a blast!

We had Keith Neuendorf, one of our camera ops, take a bunch of behind-the-scenes footage, which we will be sharing with our backers… hint, hint, hint ;o)

And keep an eye out for the new teaser, showcasing some of the footage we took on Friday.

Shooting resumes in January, with the remaining stunts. The support you give us here will enable us to complete the rest of the filming which will start at the end of January (all the asylum scenes).

Thanks to all our supporters,

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas

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