Quick News Update

Hi everyone,

here’s a quick update about the Amnesia independent psychological horror thriller that we are shooting in and around Austin, Texas.

We want to thank our newest backer on Kickstarter, Roy Gatling of AustinArtists.com for his financial as well as promotional support.

We also have a pledge for some money coming in January from Terry Melton (co-producer).

Also, we’re shooting some more teaser footage with Chaille Stidham, our new Nurse Karmen, next Friday.

In the meantime we will be cutting a new teaser with some of the footage we took that night (including, of course, some shots from the fire gag).

On Sunday, we’re going out to check a location in Lockhart for the interior Asylum shots.

And finally, we are getting our paperwork in order to qualify for the IRS Section 181 tax deductions (which means that if we get actual investors, outside of the Kickstarter campaign, that they will be able to deduct 100% on their taxes).

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker

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