Proudly Cut on Lightworks

Lightworks NLE

Lightworks NLE

This was a pretty sudden and abrupt move from Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to the EditShare Lightworks NLE. If you check out their site, it’ll blow you away the amount of well known films that have been cut using Lightworks.

The footprint is smaller, the response time is great in most cases. It loads up very fast, both as an app, and as a project (unlike Premiere, which takes forever for projects with a lot of footage, like a feature film).

Lightworks was able to handle all the footage I threw at it, from my Panasonic HVX200 to my Canon 7D, or my friend’s Canon 5D mkII and the Sony PMW-F3. I was able to natively edit all that footage.

The way of cutting and the whole philosophy if the program is very different than other NLE’s I’ve tried, and I say it’s a lot more intuitive, once you get your head around it.

I will definitely be cutting the rest of the feature on Lightworks, and I’ll probably end up export an .AAF file into Resolve for color correction, grading and finishing.

For audio I may end up still going back to Adobe Audition, but only when I need to boost up the audio, remove noise, etc. (works pretty good).

Anyway, I’m really happy with it, and can’t wait for version 11.5 to come out.

So, if you’re tired of the same old, same old, and you’re of a rebellious nature, I think you’ll like Lightworks. For $60 a year you can have a professional grade NLE (look at the amount of well known features that were cut using it) with a support group that is pretty active and supportive, and you even have access to the developers, who listen to you and respond to your posts on the forums.

I daresay, Lightworks should be THE indie NLE, especially for us micro to no-budget filmmakers.

Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas

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