Artist – Lena Damvar

Lena is our charcoal art coach and artist. In the film, you will see some of her work, which she did specifically for us, and is just perfect!

Drawing for me began as a way to avoid paying attention in school. I’ve never been much good at sitting still, and I discovered pretty quickly how to make it look like I was taking notes while I created little cartoon characters and swirly designs. Eventually, I gave professional art a shot and got a degree in graphic design from the Art Institute in Dallas. But I soon found that I can’t be creative on demand and tend to defy expectations.

I love the look of mosaic and stained glass, but can’t grout to save my life. Currently, I’m experimenting with creating large-scale mosaic stencils which I can put on a wall and spray paint. The swirl designs, which I tend to classify as “tribal paisley” (because I can’t think of what the heck else they look like) are my new passion and inspiration. I am very much influenced by henna design as well as the gorgeous, intuitive flow of native Islander and Aboriginal art.

Creativity is my great escape. Most of the time, the art takes on a life of its own and I love to see what unexpected surprise pops out of a finished piece. Speaking of surprise, look for my “brand” in each of my swirl designs. It’s there, I promise.

I’ve just started exhibiting around Austin, in locations such as The Paradise Cafe and The Dig Pub, and I have a brand new website – – where you can check out new stuff, old stuff, and stuff that’ll have you wanting to go draw on something yourself!”

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