Hi y’all,

Sorry I’ve been so quiet of late – as some of you know, not only am I shooting this film with y’all, I have dayjob, a family, and a new business I’m starting with Bobby Sargent (including the stunt school, and a video/film production company), not the mention being a part of The Show! (  – my hands are pretty full.

Anyway, I got a very touching call today from one of the extras, and it got me thinking…

First of all, if I have ever done, or ever do something that upsets you, please let me know!

I want you to know that I appreciate all you’re doing more than I can say. I mean, I can have all the ideas in the world (good or bad) but without you folks, and the people who are opening their doors to us, there would be nothing!

I am humbled that you all believe in me enough to throw your effort into this project. And if I ever make you feel anything less than that, I utterly apologize!

Whether you’re behind or in front of the lens, you’re making all of this possible, and I cannot thank you enough!

With as much care and love you have shown to this project it can’t help but come out great!

And I promise to do everything I can to make it as successful as we can!

Thank you! All of you!

Val Gameiro
Writer / Director / Filmmaker

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