Amnesia is a story about survival, love, friendship and overcoming daunting odds.

The events are based on true documented violations of human rights, both in mental institutions and at the hands of human traffickers.

Ultimately, this movie is about human rights… the rights we have as beings, to freedom, happiness and dreams.

This movie started back in 2007 when writer/director Val Gameiro first met fellow director Michael Cory Davis who was looking to shoot a horror film.

Val met Michael during a showing of Cargo: Innocence Lost, a documentary film on human trafficking with a strong narrative thread tying everything together. It was that movie, which to this day still haunts Val, which spawned Amnesia.

The desire to do something to make people aware of human trafficking and it’s horrors, as well as a desire to stop similar, if not worse, violations of human rights in the field of mental health is what led Val to pen this film.

Having started writing for film in 1998, and after moving to Austin, Texas, Val decided to start directing his own work and fell in love with the process, and spent his available time and funds on working on as many short films as possible, while learning many facets of the business, including Sound Design, Editing, etc.

This is an idea whose time has come. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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